5 Bridge Assault

Game Data:

  • Terrain: Shallow incline & decline / Dense woodland / Bridges over stream.
  • Type: Attack & Defend.
  • Objective: Destroy the opponents base.
  • Points: 100.
  • Games: x2 (each team take turns in attacking/defending both bases)
  • Time: 15 minutes per game, total 30 minutes.
  • Re-spawns: 5 & 10 minutes in, both teams.
  • Props: x2 bombs (fake ones).

Both Teams:

  • Always have players defending your base.
  • Set up sniper fire for bridge crossings.
  • Send out decoy group.
  • Concentrate fire on opponent bomb carrier.
  • Watch out for very wide flanking manoeuvres.
  • Use deep cover and scouts to approach enemy base.


  • In this game, the objective is to place, by hand, your teams bomb inside the opponent’s base camp, thereby destroying it and winning 100 points.
  • There are an equal number of re-spawns for each team
  • Within the site perimeter, attackers can approach the opponent’s base from all directions.
  • A stream separates both bases, all players can only cross the stream using the 5 bridges located evenly along the stream.
  • Each team has the opportunity of defending their base by controlling who can cross each bridge. Allowing your own players to cross, whilst stopping opponents crossing will give you a great chance of winning the game.
  • Once and if a base is destroyed, it’s game over.

Game Specific Rules

  • The bomb must be hand placed, and not thrown, in to the opponent’s base.
  • The stream can only be crossed using one of the five bridges.