All Out War

Game Data:

  • Terrain: The whole site: Hillside /  Shallow incline & decline / Dense woodland / Open areas /  Bridges over stream.
  • Type: Attack & Defend.
  • Objective: Capture x5 flags & Defend x5 flags.
  • Points: 250 (50 points per flag captured).
  • Games: x1.
  • Time: 30 minutes.
  • Re-spawns: Both teams 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 minutes in.
  • Props: x10 flags (5 red & 5 green).

Both Teams:

  • All flag locations are unknown; locate your own 5 flags and set up defensive/ambush positions.
  • It’s best to hunt for opposition flags in packs of players, whilst keeping a keen lookout to avoid the risk of being ambushed.
  • 250 points up for grabs; this is an opportunity for a badly losing team to snatch victory.
  • Move along the site perimeters to avoid the change of being surrounded by opposition players.


  • The ultimate long range paintballing venture will find you navigating your way throughout the whole site, and you won’t know where your many opponents are hiding, waiting to ambush you and your comrades.
  • This game is an acknowledgement to the first ever game of paintball, when in the late 1970’s, a group of pals in the states arranged (over a few pints) a woodland hunting game using gas powered pellet projectile markers (previously used to mark cattle, sheep and trees for logging). It was the first ever “shoot-em-up” in the woods, and paintballing was born.
  • This game finds both sides looking for five opposition flags placed in unknown locations throughout the whole site.
  • Relying on woodland cover, gorges and concealed paths, players hunt the opposition, watch their backs and search for the flags at the same time.
  • It’s better to stay in groups for this one, as there is safety in numbers. The team that survives and gets the most flags in 30 minutes wins.

Game Specific Rules

  • All game areas and the remainder of the site up to the perimeter fence are in bounds for this game.
  • Captured flags must be returned to home base to collect the points.