Bomb the Tower

Game Data:

  • Terrain: Hillside / Dense woodland
  • Type: Attack / Defend.
  • Objective: Place x2 bombs under the tower.
  • Points: 100 (50 points per bomb)
  • Games: x2 (each team take turns in attacking and defending the tower)
  • Time: 15 minutes per game, total 30 minutes.
  • Re-spawns: Attackers 5 & 10 minutes in, defenders 5 minutes in.
  • Props: x2 bombs (fake ones), x1 3ft square shield

Attacking Team:

  • Use 10 second start to gain territory.
  • Approach from all sides.
  • Use shield to draw fire away from bomb carriers.

Defending Team:

  • Immediately push out to defence perimeter.
  • Locate bomb carriers and repel.
  • Set up snipers in Tower.


  • The aim of this game is for the attacking team to place one or both bombs underneath the defenders’ tower. If both bombs are placed under the tower, then it’s game over, tower destroyed!
  • The attacking team have a 10 second start on the defenders to gain strategic offensive positions.
  • The attacking team start from the base of the hill with the objective of placing the bombs, by hand, under the defended tower.
  • Whilst the attackers make their way through the woods up the hill, the defending team are busy taking positions in and around the tower preparing to pick off their opponents.
  • Successful defenders co-ordinate their positions effectively to repel attacking groups, and can wipe out the attacking team by maintaining a strong defensive circle around the tower.
  • The sloping and dense woodland terrain makes visual contact of attacking combatants difficult until they are close to the tower. Successful attackers deploy decoy groups, while keeping the bomb carrier safe until defending players are whittled away.
  • Attackers can approach from the north, south or west in any combination of numbers.

Game Specific Rules

  • Defenders must stay within the marked defence perimeter.
  • The bombs must be hand placed, and not thrown, directly underneath the tower.
  • Only 3 snipers in the tower at one time.
  • Attackers get a 10 second head start, whilst defenders remain at their start point behind the tower.