Castle Storm

Game Data:

  • Terrain: Shallow incline & decline / Dense woodland / Open areas /  Bridges over stream.
  • Type: Attack / Defend.
  • Objective: Capture x5 flags, returning them to attack start point.
  • Points: 150 (4 x 25 point for outer flags, 1 x 50 points for inner flag).
  • Games: x2 (each team take turns in attacking and defending the castle).
  • Time: 15 minutes per game, total 30 minutes.
  • Re-spawns: Attackers 5 & 10 minutes in, defenders 5 minutes in.
  • Props: x5 flags.

Attacking Team:

  • Locate weak points in defensive ring.
  • Use woodland cover closest to castle complex.
  • Captured flags should be taken back to start point immediately.

Defending Team:

  • Use castle tower as a lookout.
  • For as long as possible, keep attackers at least 10 yards away from defence perimeter.
  • No more than 2 players behind each barricade, i.e. spread out!


  • The attacking team will negotiate their way through dense woodland, undergrowth and streams to retrieve the flags well protected within a hotly defended castle complex.
  • Starting from the far side of a bridge, the attacking team’s objective is to capture five flags located in and around the castle complex, and return each flag back over the bridge without being shot.
  • The attacking team-mates have plenty of room for manoeuvre on approaching the castle complex, they can split up in any formation to take the flags, either from the south, east or western approaches.
  • The defending team take their positions as they see the attackers approach through the trees, but all defending combatants must not go beyond an outer circle of barricades.
  • Bridge pinch points mean attackers are vulnerable when crossing them.
  • One flag is near the castle (50 points), but four flags (25 points each) are just beyond these barricades.
  • This game can go either way very quickly, if the defending team don’t watch each others backs, they can be picked off one by one, however if they stand firm and work together, chances are the attacking team will be smashed and sunk without any points.

Game Specific Rules

  • Defenders must stay within the marked defence perimeter.
  • All flags must be returned over the main bridge to gain the points.
  • Only 1 defender allowed in the castle tower.
  • Attackers can only cross the stream over bridges, which are just in range of the defender positions.