Game Data:

  • Terrain: Flat / Open / Multiple barricades / Stoned surface.
  • Type: Attack / Attack.
  • Objective: Gain points by controlling Cabin.
  • Points: 100 (25 first in, 25 at 5 mins in, 50 at end of game time).
  • Games: x2 (each team attack from either side).
  • Time: 10 minutes per game, total 20 minutes.
  • Re-spawns: Attackers 5 minutes in, defenders 5 minutes in.
  • Props: None.

Getting & keeping control of the Cabin:

  • Run very very fast to get in first.
  • Hunker down and shoot incoming opponents.
  • Call for support to push up to the central line.

Attacking the Cabin:

  • Pick off opponents through Cabin doorways and windows (no glass).
  • Press up to central line and send brave team mates into the Cabin.


  • The aim of the game is to gain control of the central building in this intense, up close and personal game-play scenario
  • The level playing area is split into a north and south side by a central barrier running east to west. At the centre of this barrier is the wooden Cabin, the target of control.
  • Both teams start at opposite ends of the barrier. When it’s “Game On!” one team goes north, the other goes south and the frenetic battle to take the Cabin begins.
  • The first team to get players into the Cabin gain the upper hand as they are well protected and can repel the opposing side with fire from inside the Cabin, and beyond.
  • But in there, it’s not all plain sailing. Those holding the Cabin need effective cover from their team mates, or they could be over-run by opposing Kamikaze style units sent in for the kill.
  • When inside the Cabin, it’s almost impossible not to look out to see where the opposition are, and that’s when well targeted sniper fire can turn the tide.
  • The first team player into the Cabin gets 25 points, and other 25 points are won for whoever is in the Cabin at half way, and the team in the Cabin when time is up wins 50 wins points.

Game Specific Rules

  • All players to stay within their half of the map, no crossing the central line.
  • Only one team player needs to be in the Cabin to have control.
  • Multiple team mates allowed in the Cabin, depending on your strategy.
  • Players can shoot from within the Cabin.