Paintball Equipment

Douglas Valley Paintball provides great quality, best design and well-maintained kit that is essential if you want a great day paintballing. You get a unique combination of paintball equipment that will guarantee your complete participation in, and enjoyment of the gaming scenarios we offer.

  • Our inferno markers (guns) are regularly checked and maintained (cleaned, worn parts replaced) – that means you can trust them during the games.
  • Our masks are dual lenses that don’t fog up (think double-glazing), and we believe we’re only one of a few sites in the country that provides this key feature.
  • Our 2-piece suits provide genuine camouflage in our woodland setting, and are more comfortable to wear compared to the usual 1-piece boiler suit design typically provided by other paintball sites.

Paintball kit and equipment hire

Hire of all the kit and equipment is included as standard in the admission and rental charge, none of the items listed below incurs any additional rental charge.

Equipment Reviews

 Paintball Gun & Accessories


  • Arrow Inferno MKII
  • British made
  • On / Off safety switch
  • Reliable, well maintained
  • Live in-game replacements
  • 200 paintball hopper
  • Unlimited CO2 cylinders
  • Safety barrel plug (yellow)

Goggle Systems


  • Adult and Kid sizes
  • Anti-mist venting system
  • Anti-fog dual-pain lenses
  • 260° field of vision
  • Foam inserts for comfort
  • Sun and rain visor
  • Rigid grill for protection
  • Colour coded: Red vs. Green

Suits & Accessories


  • Camouflage 2-piece jackets & pants
  • Padded material
  • Hooded for head protection
  • Freshly laundered
  • Belt for 4 paintball cannisters
  • Gloves with rubber grips
  • Body Armour (on request)
  • Chicken suit etc (on request)