Not really. Because paintballing is an outdoor sport the common perception is that it should be played in good weather. We have run games in the snow to great effect, it is a rare experience to savour. Generally, the worst weather conditions to play paintball in is when it’s about 30 degrees, wearing camo suits and goggles whilst running full-pelt through woodlands can be uncomfortably hot.

Normal and cold temperatures are comfortable when playing. Even in very cold temperatures, paintballers generate more than enough heat to keep warm. Temperature regulation is a factor that affects your comfort when playing, you can take off layers underneath our padded camo jackets and pants to stay cool.

If it is raining, we have sheltered seating areas for all players in between games. This is rare and our experience tells us that players do not mind the rain. The main problem when it rains is that the goggles tend to mist up occasionally.

We have never had to cancel our paintball games due to bad weather.