If you have not done it before, you’ll soon learn that organising a number of people to play paintball is a breeze, it’s easy and no hassle …. not. Really, all paintball organisers should get a medal for what they do, but in reality they just get the love and respect from their friends/colleagues/children and a warm fuzzy feeling after a successfully organised paintballing day out.

Usually, the hardest part about organising paintballing days out is to agree a date and get firm commitment from each player. If you are unsure about how many of the group are fully committed, the best way to find out is to ask them to pay the deposit directly to the organiser, this way you will find out who is and who isn’t committed to play. If someone is genuinely unsure, because of other possible commitments, and will only be able to confirm closer to the day’s paintballing, we can block off these places without a deposit, just ask us. Should we think these places are becoming at risk, we will call you first before giving the spaces to anyone else.