<<<<    Booking Paintball

Anyone doing an online search to book a paintballing day out will surely be bombarded with numerous entries for paintball sites. This can be a little confusing as there appear to be many more entries in the search list than actual paintball sites in the area.

Many entries are duplicates of a few major paintball operators. For example (as of March 2016) the first 3 entries in the organic list of a google search for “manchester paintball” are the same company, and they are not even in Manchester! The best way to look for and find a good nearby paintball site is to check the google/bing/yahoo search map and read the reviews.

Another source of repeat entries are online booking agencies. These agencies present themselves as national paintball network operators, when in fact they do not own or manage any paintball field, they are purely marketing internet specialists and booking agents. The money you may spend with them does not go to the paintball operator, and therefore there is less revenue to invest in the paintball site you are playing at. It is becoming increasingly difficult for modestly sized paintball operators to be found on the internet. We use one such agent, and they are really nice people, but please … book directly!

Without exception, we require a £10 per player deposit to secure the paintball places on the date booked. This non-refundable payment helps us to mitigate financial losses because of paintball player no shows. Preparation for your paintball booking involves costs to us in advance, and should players not turn up, we still incur these costs. The actual cost to us of a single player not attending is a little less than £10, but if the lost space could have gone to another player, then our losses would be greater than £10. We think the £10 non-refundable deposit is a fair balance.

If you have not done it before, you’ll soon learn that organising a number of people to play paintball is a breeze, it’s easy and no hassle …. not. Really, all paintball organisers should get a medal for what they do, but in reality they just get the love and respect from their friends/colleagues/children and a warm fuzzy feeling after a successfully organised paintballing day out.

Usually, the hardest part about organising paintballing days out is to agree a date and get firm commitment from each player. If you are unsure about how many of the group are fully committed, the best way to find out is to ask them to pay the deposit directly to the organiser, this way you will find out who is and who isn’t committed to play. If someone is genuinely unsure, because of other possible commitments, and will only be able to confirm closer to the day’s paintballing, we can block off these places without a deposit, just ask us. Should we think these places are becoming at risk, we will call you first before giving the spaces to anyone else.

The minimum age limit is 11 years of age at Douglas Valley Paintball. This limit can vary with different paintball field operators, and is specifically set by each company’s insurance policy. We get many paintball birthday party enquiries for 11 year old birthday parties, but we cannot accept them unless all players are 11 years old or greater.

There isn’t one. You can come and play on your own and join in with others. Most paintballing parties are generally not big enough to justify playing entirely on their own. Paintball activity is generally a fun and social event where paintballers mix with other groups, and over the years we have seen our paintballing customers become friends, and they would not have met if it was not for paintball.

We can provide lunch if ordered in advance, at £2.50 per person. It’s a packed lunch; sandwich, chocolate bar, crisps and fruit. There are snacks and pop cans available for purchase – at very reasonable prices – on the day. We also provide cordials and water free of charge, as woodland paintballing is thirsty work!

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<<<<     Paintballing day preparation

Like a lot of outdoor paintball venues, we are located in woodland that does not have an actual postcode assigned to the location. The nearest postcode, PR7 4BW, is a farmhouse about 300 yards north of our woodland paintball venue. If you use this postcode in satnav, the directions will take you to Wigan Lane (A5106) between Adlington and Coppull. The entrance to the paintball site, which is signposted, on the A5106 is about 50 yards south of PR7 4BW.

If you are familiar with the google map directions app, the following links will take you to our google business page details, from which you can use the app to get directions to our location.

Mobile link: https://goo.gl/maps/aM4fYcFbavD2

Desktop link: https://goo.gl/Jk2hS5

For a detailed look at where we are and how to get to us, please go to the locations page.

Our full day session starts at 09:30 prompt and finished around 15:30 to 16:30. We ask groups to arrive at 09:15 to ensure that everyone is there for 09:30. This is important! Having large groups of people waiting for someone arriving late is a tad uncomfortable for us all, don’t forget to set the alarm early and research the journey!

Half day sessions. Morning sessions are 09:30 through to about 13:30. Afternoon sessions are 11:30 through to about 15:30.

Paintballing in the woods is an energetic outdoor activity that will mean you generate a lot of body heat. You will be issued with padded hooded jackets and pants that will further raise temperatures.

We suggest that you wear something loose and comfortable, and for the upper body a number of thin layers that can be added or removed during the day. At our paintball venue there is rather a lot of soil, some of which will become attached to you and your clothing throughout the day. Therefore, please wear clothing that you do not mind getting a bit dirty and sweaty.

You may also want to bring a change of clothing, although most people don’t bother as generally it isn’t necessary. Sorry to say there are no shower facilities, but there is a running cold tap if you need to clean up a little.

Our paintball site is a woodland terrain with uneven ground and plenty of inclines and declines. We suggest that the footwear you use should have good grip and ankle support.

Your footwear may get scuffed a little, so you may want to use an old pair. Given that woodland paintball requires agility and speed of foot, many of our customers prefer to wear training shoes.

Whatever footwear you choose to use, the darker the better. Light and bright coloured footwear tends not to hold up too well to the ground conditions, and given that you’re a wearing camo gear when playing paintball, you are visibly more conspicuous.

If have had any ankle of foot problems in the past that may be aggravated by woodland paintball activities, please consider using footwear with ankle support and a decent grip.

We are in remote woodlands without a phone line and broadband/mobile internet access is not totally reliable. Therefore, please bring enough cash with you to pay for paintballs and any remaining admission payment. We provide cordial and water refreshments free of charge, but you will need cash if you want to purchase cans of pop or energy bars.

Many of our bookings are for birthdays and other celebrations, so if you want to celebrate anything after the paintball games whilst still at our venue, please ask and we will be very happy to oblige. For example, kids’ birthdays are very popular and we have agreed to many requests to have a little birthday cake celebration at the end of the games. Another popular special occasion is the end of season junior football team presentations.

If your paintball booking is for a special occasion, such as a stag do, let us know and we might be able to help with a little surprise for someone at the end of your paintballing day out.

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<<<<    Paintball – on the day

When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our Marshalls. Everyone congregates in the car park area until all paintball party members arrive. You will be asked how you want to split up your group into playing teams, the reds and the greens. Splitting your group is generally a good idea, you end up playing with and against someone you know, and adds to the banter that goes on between the reds and greens throughout the day. In certain circumstances, booked groups stay together, and this is usually when the group is small, less than 4 people.

You will then be asked to fill out a registration form, and formally split your group into red and green teams. The group organiser will be asked to collect any remaining admission and rental fee due from each player and pay at the counter. At this stage, there is also the opportunity to bulk pay for paintballs in advance of the games. The kit – colour coded goggles, hooded jackets, pants, battlepacks and gloves – are distributed to all players. Our Marshalls help you and explain how to wear these items, especially the goggles which should be a good comfortable fit – especially over the bridge of your nose – so that they will not steam up during the paintball games.

There is then a compulsory safety briefing in which the rules of paintball at our venue are explained. Please listen very carefully to this briefing. Paintballing is a safe sporting activity if the safety rules are stuck to, and just like any other team sport, breaking the rules can lead to injury. We are very serious about our safety rules, and we expect you to be too!!

You are then given your paintball guns; a marker, gas bottle, hopper and safety plug. Paintballs are purchased and then it’s off we all go into the woodland game areas – it’s game on!!

Your team’s assigned Marshalls will accompany you throughout the whole day. Listen to them, they know what they are talking about. They want your team to win, and they especially want their marshalling counterparts to lose. It’s not just paying customers that are competing here.

The Marshalls will explain the game rules before each game and give you tips on how to play each game. Our Marshalls will continue to stress our safety rules throughout, and serial offenders will be reprimanded and in extreme cases barred from any further paintballing.

Nobody wants that, so please listen and follow safety instructions and game play advice. Remember that if you look after your Marshalls by making their day a little easier, they will doubly look after you and work to ensure your enjoyment of the whole day. It’s human nature, Marshalls are people too, and the customer isn’t always right. Probably the single most important factor in the quality of paintball games is the Marshall – Playing Team relationship. When it clicks, it really is a win-win situation.

Not really. Because paintballing is an outdoor sport the common perception is that it should be played in good weather. We have run games in the snow to great effect, it is a rare experience to savour. Generally, the worst weather conditions to play paintball in is when it’s about 30 degrees, wearing camo suits and goggles whilst running full-pelt through woodlands can be uncomfortably hot.

Normal and cold temperatures are comfortable when playing. Even in very cold temperatures, paintballers generate more than enough heat to keep warm. Temperature regulation is a factor that affects your comfort when playing, you can take off layers underneath our padded camo jackets and pants to stay cool.

If it is raining, we have sheltered seating areas for all players in between games. This is rare and our experience tells us that players do not mind the rain. The main problem when it rains is that the goggles tend to mist up occasionally.

We have never had to cancel our paintball games due to bad weather.

Our paintballs are sold in plastic canisters holding a minimum of 100 paintballs each. They are purchased before each game and cost £5 per 100. Please remember that we do not have broadband, a phone line or reliable mobile services in the woodlands, it is a remote countryside location, so we can only accept cash for the paintballs.

For a full day, the average number a paintballing player purchases is either 400 or 500 paintballs. For our half day sessions, this figure is more like 300 or 400 paintballs. If players are on a budget, they can be careful and not go “gun-toting” crazy, and can have a great time just shooting 300 paintballs.

Sorry, no, we don’t do them. If you want to spend an extra £10 on pretty much the same marker (gun) with fancy casing, we are sorry to disappoint. All our markers are spec’d to perform to the same high standard. Any upgraded marker would perform at a similar level. If you really want to gain an advantage over the other team, do some research on how to play paintball really well, there is plenty of stuff out there on the internet. Again, sorry.

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