Our Games

Our dense woodland site with rolling terrain, a number of streams, bridges and open glades, has given us the great opportunity to design and develop a number of fantastic gaming scenarios that will guarantee your best value paintballing experience here at Douglas Valley Paintball.

Each game area is specifically designed with variety and complexity of gameplay in mind. Whether it’s direct face to face combat, team-play or long-range excursions to achieve the game’s winning objectives, we have the games to cater for everyone.

Fully supervised

Safety first

Excellent kit

In-game support


All paintball team players are 100% supervised by our marshalls once they leave base-camp and go into the game playing areas. Having a high level of experienced supervision is very important to ensure players remain safe and get the best of our games.

Before every game, we will:

  • Repeat the safety rules – originally briefed at the start of the day – such as keeping masks on at all times in live games.
  • Properly and in a detailed way, brief each team on game play description, tactics and rules.
  • Check masks / suits / belts are all worn correctly. Particular attention will be given to the masks. If worn correctly, our thermal lensed masks will not steam up, there should be a full seal between the face and the mask foam, also the mask strap should be positioned high up at the back of the head.
  • Make sure paintball guns (markers) are tested and working correctly.

During every game, we will:

  • Enforce safety and game rules and possibly penalise any players (or the team) for not following the safety and game rules.
  • Ensure everybody continues to have a fully working paintball gun, replacing guns where necessary, such as when running out of gas, or paintball breaks in the hopper or barrel.
  • Call out regular time checks and referee the achievement of all game objectives.
  • Fairly arbitrate any (friendly) disputes on the points achieved or issues with alleged cheating.
  • Call game over, when appropriate, and ask players to make their paintball guns safe (by inserting stop into the end of the barrel).

The Games

For details on each game, please click on an icon below:

Castle Storm