The Woodland Site

Douglas Valley Paintball is located in a woodland site in a shallow valley between Coppull and Adlington in Lancashire. As shown in the aerial view photograph, the paintball playing areas are almost completely within woodlands. The playing terrain includes concealed pathways, open glades and rides, brooks and water channels as well as dense woodland.

Open Site Design   -   10 Gaming Scenarios!!

Most paintball sites have game areas that are fenced off and you are limited to playing within a constricted area for each game. One reason for this is that multiple games (made up of hundreds of players) can be run at the same time. We are a little different.

Our game scenarios are dynamic and not restricted to firmly fixed boundaries. The site is split into four very large playing areas, and whilst these playing areas are separate game zones in their own right, we also play games to and from each of the game zone central points, allowing for a total of six additional paintball gaming scenarios.

Our special site uniquely has all the types of terrain you need to play exciting paintball. There are woodlands, gorges and streams that all add to the “combat feel” that demands the tactical skills required for the preparation and execution of each of the games objectives.

If you like to think and prepare for paintballing combat, using cunning and strategy whilst pushing both your mind and body to the limit, Douglas Valley Paintball offers the ultimate paintball challenge!

Aerial View:

Google Earth view