Unsure about your paintball party group size

If you have not done it before, you’ll soon learn that organising a number of people to play paintball is a breeze, it’s easy and no hassle …. not. Really, all paintball organisers should get a medal for what they do, but in reality they just get the love and respect from their friends/colleagues/children and [...]

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Deposit required to secure paintball booking

Without exception, we require a £10 per player deposit to secure the paintball places on the date booked. This non-refundable payment helps us to mitigate financial losses because of paintball player no shows. Preparation for your paintball booking involves costs to us in advance, and should players not turn up, we still incur these costs. [...]

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Internet search for paintball playing locations

Anyone doing an online search to book a paintballing day out will surely be bombarded with numerous entries for paintball sites. This can be a little confusing as there appear to be many more entries in the search list than actual paintball sites in the area. Many entries are duplicates of a few major paintball [...]

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Minimum age limit for paintball

The minimum age limit is 11 years of age at Douglas Valley Paintball. This limit can vary with different paintball field operators, and is specifically set by each company’s insurance policy. We get many paintball birthday party enquiries for 11 year old birthday parties, but we cannot accept them unless all players are 11 years [...]

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Minimum paintball group numbers

There isn’t one. You can come and play on your own and join in with others. Most paintballing parties are generally not big enough to justify playing entirely on their own. Paintball activity is generally a fun and social event where paintballers mix with other groups, and over the years we have seen our paintballing [...]

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We can provide lunch if ordered in advance, at £2.50 per person. It’s a packed lunch; sandwich, chocolate bar, crisps and fruit. There are snacks and pop cans available for purchase – at very reasonable prices – on the day. We also provide cordials and water free of charge, as woodland paintballing is thirsty work!

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