Arrival and paintball game prep itinerary

When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our Marshalls. Everyone congregates in the car park area until all paintball party members arrive. You will be asked how you want to split up your group into playing teams, the reds and the greens. Splitting your group is generally a good idea, you end [...]

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Paintball game rules and supervision

Your team’s assigned Marshalls will accompany you throughout the whole day. Listen to them, they know what they are talking about. They want your team to win, and they especially want their marshalling counterparts to lose. It’s not just paying customers that are competing here. The Marshalls will explain the game rules before each game [...]

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Sorry, no, we don’t do them. If you want to spend an extra £10 on pretty much the same marker (gun) with fancy casing, we are sorry to disappoint. All our markers are spec’d to perform to the same high standard. Any upgraded marker would perform at a similar level. If you really want to [...]

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Paintball purchase and likely cost

Our paintballs are sold in plastic canisters holding a minimum of 100 paintballs each. They are purchased before each game and cost £5 per 100. Please remember that we do not have broadband, a phone line or reliable mobile services in the woodlands, it is a remote countryside location, so we can only accept cash [...]

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The weather, does it matter

Not really. Because paintballing is an outdoor sport the common perception is that it should be played in good weather. We have run games in the snow to great effect, it is a rare experience to savour. Generally, the worst weather conditions to play paintball in is when it’s about 30 degrees, wearing camo suits [...]

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