Start and finish times

Our full day session starts at 09:30 prompt and finished around 15:30 to 16:30. We ask groups to arrive at 09:15 to ensure that everyone is there for 09:30. This is important! Having large groups of people waiting for someone arriving late is a tad uncomfortable for us all, don’t forget to set the alarm [...]

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Douglas Valley Paintball venue location

Like a lot of outdoor paintball venues, we are located in woodland that does not have an actual postcode assigned to the location. The nearest postcode, PR7 4BW, is a farmhouse about 300 yards north of our woodland paintball venue. If you use this postcode in satnav, the directions will take you to Wigan Lane [...]

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Paintball special occasions

Many of our bookings are for birthdays and other celebrations, so if you want to celebrate anything after the paintball games whilst still at our venue, please ask and we will be very happy to oblige. For example, kids’ birthdays are very popular and we have agreed to many requests to have a little birthday [...]

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Appropriate footwear for outdoor paintball

Our paintball site is a woodland terrain with uneven ground and plenty of inclines and declines. We suggest that the footwear you use should have good grip and ankle support. Your footwear may get scuffed a little, so you may want to use an old pair. Given that woodland paintball requires agility and speed of [...]

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Appropriate clothing for outdoor paintballing

Paintballing in the woods is an energetic outdoor activity that will mean you generate a lot of body heat. You will be issued with padded hooded jackets and pants that will further raise temperatures. We suggest that you wear something loose and comfortable, and for the upper body a number of thin layers that can [...]

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Payments on the day

We are in remote woodlands without a phone line and broadband/mobile internet access is not totally reliable. Therefore, please bring enough cash with you to pay for paintballs and any remaining admission payment. We provide cordial and water refreshments free of charge, but you will need cash if you want to purchase cans of pop [...]

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